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Self-Management for Actors brilliance including goodness that Bon has only ever shared with her mastermind group members, corporate creatives, and ongoing private coaching clients, now available to graduates of Get in Gear for the Next Tier. Wanna revisit the full FRAMEWORK that got us to this point? Click here!

Everything is organized by category (and some items are — as you might imagine — categorized in more than one way) and comments are open on each of the deep-dives within The Vault so we can continue to jam about everything from how to work the red carpet to setting up a passive income stream! From getting paid as a public speaker to writing and publishing your first book! From equipping your team with tools to negotiate the best possible deal for you on your next acting gig to setting up your own production company so you never pay taxes the same way again!

And don’t forget the TRACKS! Now you can hit one of the tracks you didn’t experience during your romp through the 100 days… fast track style! Ooh, yay!

New goodies are being added regularly and we’ll shoot you an email when there are major overhauls, when it’s time to hang out together, or anytime there’s news to share, but to be first to see what’s going up in an ongoing fashion? Well… you’d better keep an eye out, baby! So much tier-jumpy goodness!

It’s all in The Vault. Let’s DO this!

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  • Mindset


    Our self-talk is some of the most empowering language we encounter in our lives. This is the foundation for all the other work we'll do.

  • Self-Care


    Within the MINDSET category, there's all-important self-care. Here are your practices for keeping your relationship with yourself strong!

  • Money Mindset

    Money Mindset

    Its own separate style of mindset, your money mindset is all about keeping that exchange of value for value flowing and growing!

  • Enoughness


    Enoughness is an inside job. And sometimes you need a whole bunch o' tools to help you get there. Start here. Keep coming back.

  • Brand Umbrella

    Brand Umbrella

    Your BRAND is the umbrella under which all the types you can play live. This is the healthy union of your mindset and your tools.

  • Tools


    If it's a headshot, a resume, a cover letter, your web presence, how you use social media, or any content you create, it's a TOOL, baby!

  • Marekting Assets

    Marekting Assets

    These specific tools are used for marketing yourself as the creative storyteller you were born to be. Tune 'em up and keep 'em tight!

  • Online Presence

    Online Presence

    Your website. Your casting profiles. Your social media accounts. Your Googleability. If it's how you're showing up online, it's here.

  • Your Content

    Your Content

    The fastest, most within-your-control way to showcase to the buyers that you are exactly what they're looking for is to master the content you create.

  • Consistency


    Discipline comes from doing it. Show up. Suit up. Clock in. JFDI. You're building a muscle future you will thank you for!

  • Relationships


    It's all about relationships: our team, our support system, our targets... most of all, our relationship with ourselves.

  • Your Targets

    Your Targets

    Your job is to look like a solution to a problem your buyers have every dang day. Targeting is all about alignment.

  • Your Team

    Your Team

    Before they're your team, they're your targets. Sometimes your team is also your support system. Find your hell-yes rep!

  • Support System

    Support System

    You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Keep this posse next-tier ready (we have to prune to grow, y'all)!

  • Healthy Boundaries

    Healthy Boundaries

    Often, it's the boundaries of our own self-talk that need fortifying the most. We role model for others exactly how to treat us. Always.

  • Next-Tier You

    Next-Tier You

    There's a next-tier version of yourself already out there, waiting for you to show up. You're keeping your commitment to NTY right now!

  • Leading the New Hollywood

    Leading the New Hollywood

    You learned on Day 2 that you ARE a leader, right? This section is filled with leadership support when you need a reminder!

  • Surprise Me!

    Surprise Me!

    If it doesn't really fit within the framework (but it's still really fabulous) you'll find it here. You're welcome. ;)