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Yippee! And hooray! You’re ready to take your career to the next level and we’re here to help you do just that. It’s here that we share empowering information, provide clarity from the showbiz noise, and celebrate loads of fun along the way! Your creative journey is forever changed now that we’ve welcomed you into The Dojo. Be prepared to fall in love with the pursuit and enjoy the day-to-day like never before! Welcome! Let’s DO this!

  • Get in Gear for the Next Tier

    Get in Gear for the Next Tier

    100 days of motivation, strategy, and up-leveling focus followed by ongoing membership including exclusive access to The SMFA Vault.

  • <i>SMFA</i> Hot Sheets

    SMFA Hot Sheets

    Totally FREE enhancements to your favorite book, Self-Management for Actors, updated and ready for you to download. Take action!

  • Expansive Capacity

    Expansive Capacity

    Being on your own side is one of the boldest, most terrifying things you'll ever do. It's also addictive, contagious, and beautifully freeing on every level that's ever held you back.

  • The <i>SMFA</i> Vault

    The SMFA Vault

    There's SMFA goodness that Bon has only ever shared with her mastermind group members, corporate creatives, and ongoing private coaching clients in here! Membership is available exclusively to graduates of Get in Gear for the Next Tier.

  • Aligned Advantage

    Aligned Advantage

    Bonnie walks you through the Aligned Hustle Calendar and your astrological chart in ways that help you take fullest advantage of the strengths you bring with you on your journey.

  • JFDI with Bonnie

    JFDI with Bonnie

    TOGETHER we will give the JFDI treatment to your most marketable idea to get some revenue flowing in so that you can focus on building the life of your dreams as a creative storyteller.